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Polansky, Ric

Author, Ric Polansky was born in the American mid-west, Iowa; north central United States. He often says he grew up in the most perfect place on the planet, Mason City full of characters, farmers, bankers, pool shooters and music men. All authentic and original. It also had one of the best libraries in the state and much of his life envolved around visiting it’s extensive stacks of books on any subject. Words for the imagination and fantasy. If the surroundings city lands were filled with tightly planted rows of corn the library was a place to fly away and imagine a less contrived world.

His roaming qualities took him hitch hiking from coast to coast by the age of 16. He visited such places as the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco in the age of the beatniks that later evolved into Hippies. And Key West, Florida was another stop on his quest to growing up. Maybe coming to Spain, a la Hemingway style was inevitable.


Libros publicados en Arráez Editores:

Polansky, Ric: A PECULIAR REIGN IN SPAIN, 2017

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